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Great company cultures are built on strong relationships

A simple tool to schedule and run employee checkins.

Easy setup · Completely free for up to 3 people Checkin

Identifi helps you:


Schedule checkins

Setup recurring or one off checkins. Integrate into GCal and iCal to keep everything in-sync, get reminders pushed to Slack and Hipchat so you don’t miss anything.

(integrations coming soon)
Schedule checkins

Prepare for checkins

Checkins without agendas are a waste of time. Write your own or get suggested topics used by top-performing managers. Either way, they are completely private until you decide to share them.

prepare checkins

Follow-up on checkins

After each check-in, manager can give valuable feedback and both can agree on a shared list of todos they’ll work on before the next round.

(todos coming soon)
followup checkins

Why use Identifi

Sounds familiar?

  • Not hearing about a problem until it snowballs
  • Juggling between calendars, Google Docs, Dropbox, notebooks and sticky notes before each meeting
  • 1-on-1 “solutions” so complicated you need demos and training
  • Overpriced annual fees

With Identifi

  • Make regular checkins a habit and fix problems early
  • Start your checkins well-prepared and make them productive & efficient
  • Sign up and get started in minutes
  • Completely free for up to 3 people
  • Agenda and schedules for all your checkins in one place, accessible from your browser, iOS and Android device

Get Started for Free

First 3 teammates are free. After that, it’s $5 per user per month. Get started today.

Easy setup · Completely free for up to 3 people